There are many countires in the world that are limited to safety. These countries don't have safe environments and if there is an issue or a problem, people's lives are at risk. It is very important to have police, fire dept, and medical centres to prevent the issues from happening and if something bad happens then the problem could be solved. That is why we need to have multiple of these services in many areas so problems could be easily resolved.

-There are many many children in the world without clean food and water. In 3rd world countries, children live in hostile and dangerous areas. Children travel many kilometres to reach school which takes them hours and they travel through dangerous areas such as mountains and around cliffs. We take advantage of school because we live in safer countries when really, education is very important The schools are small, limited and spaced out. We need more schools so children can get an education safely.


-When it rains, the drains collect the water and just goto waste, but once there is a filtiration system like plants to collect the water so it's not wasted. When it rains, we can use different systems that collect the water and make it go through a water filtration system so it's clean, sanitized, and safe to be used as drinking water, shower water, toilet water, etc. We should use Low Impact Development features such as permeable pavement and rain gardens. The storm water doesn't have to be wasted but could be collected by the rain gardens. The water would go through the filtiration system and can be re-used for anything. It’s a one time cost and benefits us and the earth.


If you want to learn more about the SDGs and Ayush Chopra, go on the link below

Ayush Chopra's podcast

(from students of 8B)

 -Invest in domestic technology development research and innovation in developing countries. Make cities healthy. Turn empty roof space on buildings into green roofs. They improve air quality

-Upgrading our electronic gadgets is inevitable, but often our gadgets are still in good working condition. Pass on your old working devices or recycle as certain parts can be recovered instead of throwing away. This one can be useful for teenagers or adults who would like to save electricity. We can make a mug coaster that can convert hot and cold to charge your device or a 2 in 1 mirror and ironing so not only is it 2 in 1 it can also save up more space. Keep up to date with the latest technologies and innovations that can help us achieve the goal by 2030



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