Our Teacher

Mrs. Nemcko was a very important part in the making of this website as she help us through creating many ideas, giving us fun things to do, encouraging us to take innitiative ourselves to make our own choices, let's everyone's ideas be heard and creates a fun learning environment. This leader is one of a kind and has accomplished her part in helping our planet! Thanks Mrs. Nemcko!!!

This group generated many ideas and ways to spread awarness and inform others about the SDGs program and goal #9 of the 17 sustainable development goals 


Social media team: Daksh and Sumedha

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Social group

This crew came together to share their great ideas to create cool artwork to promote SDGs and to spread awarness.

Logo makers, Brianna, Josh

Brochure makers: Kulraj, Sahil, Hanan, Kaysar, Kamiyar, Ansell Posters: Sarah, Dilpreet, Hita, Honey Ley, Afrah, Avnee, Rayanna, Simi, Gurman, Rhea, Salihah, Navraj

Logo makers: Josh and Brianna


This team of tech professionals worked tirelessly to put together this amazing website from unique designs, artistic prespectives and pure relevence!

By Wasi, Tejas, Gurneel, Zeeshan, Anwar and Arjun



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